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Housepad App is like having a home for your home.
Everything you need to manage and keep things running smoothly at home can now be kept all in one place and shared by everyone that lives and works in your home.

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am thrilled to be launching my new company Housepad app in conjunction with this year’s Showhouse. I can’t think of a more exciting place and time to bring this project to life. It was 14-years ago this month that I launched

Housepad was designed to make life at home ever more beautiful using the Japanese kaizen method—the continual improvement philosophy—where, by taking small steps, you can immediately raise the standard of anything.

Housepad uses images as the primary form of communication so you can easily manage and maintain your home the way you want it to be.

  • Create your household “Lookbook” so everyone knows what you want, from how towels are folded to dishes put away. It’s up to you—never ask a second time.
  • Assign To Do’s and, if you like, be notified when they are done.
  • Create your home’s Master List of the products you and your entire household use, and have your list fulfilled through your Amazon account. No one ever needs to run out of anything again.
  • Create a personal catalog of everything you own and include copies of invoices, serial numbers, warranty information and care instructions.

Every household needs an Emergency Command Center. Keep contact information for doctors, vets, teachers, family, staff and all other people that you and anyone else who is regularly in your home may need to reach. You can also include the location of other important items like utility shut offs and fire extinguishers.

There is no doubt in my mind that every household can benefit from Housepad app.
I hope you will join our beta test and become one of our very first users.

Love Going Home

Best regards,

Michael Bruno
Founder, Housepad app and

To join our beta test go to and leave us your email or text us at 444-999, enter HPBETA and we will send you a link to download our app when we launch in May.

Please note that we are limiting the number of people we will add each week to our beta test. If you are not accepted right away, we will add you in the order in which the app was downloaded.

Housepad App

Housepad App

Housepad App

Housepad App was designed to make life at home ever more beautiful using the continual improvement philosophy where you can raise the standard of anything.