Keep your home running beautifully

Assign To-Do’s and if you like, choose to be notified when the item has been completed.

Walk into a room and finally feel that people are listening to you and understand the way you want things to look. From the little things that bother you, to getting the dogs fed and the clothes put away, assigning To-Do items to your family and staff is a great way to ensure that you will Love Going Home.



Create your “Lookbook” so everyone knows what you want, from how towels are folded to dishes put away.

Housepad is like having a home for your home by using images as the primary form of communication so you can easily manage and maintain your home the way you want it to be. Simply create a room or area of your home and add images to show people exactly how you want your rooms to look. If you want to, you can even add tag room notes within the Lookbook images for even further clarification and detail.

Share Household Emergency Contact Info

Every household needs an Emergency Command Center. Keep contact information for doctors, vets, teachers, family, staff and all other people that you and anyone else who is regularly in your home may need to reach. You can also include the location of other important items like utility shut offs and fire extinguishers.



  • Create your home’s Master List of the products you use, so everyone can easily add items to the shopping list. You can click through to buy on Amazon or simply use the list when you are at the market.
  • Create a personal catalog of everything you own and include copies of invoices, serial numbers, warranty information and care instructions.
  • Control your Nest thermostat
  • Request extra help from Handy with a click of a button; from housekeeping to installing a chandelier.

Watch these short videos to learn how to use Housepad.

Invite Family/Staff

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Assign To-Dos

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Create Lookbook

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